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  Leaving Our Mark Behind        
  Do we really leave our mark behind?
It was the month of November 2002, while helping take care of my ailing father, I found myself walking down the same stretch of beach, in a remote small town called Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nayarit, Mexico, every day for a couple of weeks.

As I pondered upon thoughts of life, love, death and aging, I started to focus on the marks left on the sand by passersby. Some of them were so clear, they showed the imprinted heavy treads of aerobic sports shoes, others were tire tread marks from heavy Mexican huaraches, some were barefoot, perfect footprints. I found the patterns so engaging and was captivated by the individuality of each one, created differently by the pressure of the person�s weight and the pattern of their stride. I wanted to document this so the following day I brought my camera and started shooting these footmarks early in the morning. The fact that these marks were washed out every day added to my interest.

As the new day began I had a clean slate. A whole new set of footprints was to be created. Everyone was making their mark and the cycle kept repeating itself. The footprints left a mark on the soft sand, other footprints cover them, overlap them and when the tide rose they all got washed away.

I continued to focus on this concept and shot 250 footmarks in different locations within a few more years.