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  Life Weave A        
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  In the process of creating artwork I use my personal life story as a point of departure. Being born and raised in Mexico City in a Cuban-Mexican household, things like color, music, family and religion were woven deeply into my own "life weave".

It is this “life weave” I wanted to concentrate on and explore in more depth. Specifically the metamorphosis that a Latin American Woman goes through when she comes into this country and is faced with monumental cultural differences. The identity and cultural shock, the struggle between the pressure she feels to shed tradition in order to feel she’s immersing into her new culture. How she faces educational and religious differences, life without extended family support, language issues, living painfully distant from loved ones, as well as, trying to break into a man’s professional world. In the end looking into a mirror she may ask “Who have I become?”. There is no doubt that her transformation is probably a very positive one, but the road is hard. Each step of the way is like a thread of a different color, thickness, and roughness that gets woven into her own “life weave”.