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  The idea for creating the persona, I B DUNNE, developed slowly in the summer of 1992. At that time I was looking for a vehicle to quickly navigate between my work world and the creative world of painting. Arriving at the studio I could put on Mr. Dunne’s paint pants and shirt and suddenly I was a painter.

As Mr. Dunne began to have a voice, he developed a language called POP TALK and he uses that to discuss his work.
PROFILE: I B Dunne, Painter

Born: Santa Monica, CA 1945

Favorite Quote:
“To the top, to the bloody top”—John Lennon

In this world there are two kinds of things: Things you can learn andthings you know. You can learn many things, but what you know, youknow.

By 1979 there was nothing left to paint. Then one day in 1988 while walking around Times Square he noticed a piece of scenery being moved into a Broadway theater by two workman. It was large and flat and cut out in the shape of a car. “How perfect!! Flat paint on a flat surface.” Now he had a direction for his art. All that remained was to develop a technique for creating a strong surface that accepted paint and a method of supporting the surface free from visible support as if the art was rising—BOOM!—right out of the floor.

If one is good, more is better. Because the size and form of the paintings change the scale of space, more is more. A group of paintings with a central theme zooms with impact, yet each of the individual paintings stands on its own as a unique artwork. Presently at work on the two companion series, Stars and Starlets, he has plans for other heroic series like baseball, cowboys, hot-rods etc. WOW!

Loft Artists Association. Exhibited three paintings from the Starlet Series: Starlet #4, Starlet #5 and Starlet #6

Sold Cher: A Painting in the Star Series

First Honorable Mention - Public Space in the New America City - Atlanta 1994. Interactive streetscape with jazz figures from Underground Atlanta.

PICACOC II, Philadelphia, PA. Starlet #6 was selected for inclusion and exhibited at the Medici Gallery

pARTnership, a traveling exhibit for emerging artists, Starlet #3 was selected for inclusion