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She - Gloria Ruenitz Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Growing up in a Mexican Cuban household things like color, music, family and religion were deeply woven into my own life weave. They have become the emotional bonds that run through my art work. Of great importance to me is the female and discovering the Latina experience: the continuity of life, loyalty and tradition passed from mother to daughter. I explore themes of love, but also deep loss, displacement and fear of separation.

I use photography as one of my mediums and often combine it with found objects, from baby shoes to screen doors and encaustic. The encaustic wax medium allows me to work in layers encasing fragments of memory as a means of stopping images and words in time. These layers tell a story; they represent life.

The commitment to my art and the use of my own personal expressive language are the two most important aspects of my art work. I try through my words and images to create artwork that reveals human understandings which originate out of my own introspection.