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  "Shelter" the verb (2006-2007)
Artist Statement

Growing up in a Mexican Cuban household things like color, music, family and
religion were deeply woven into my own life weave. They have become the emotional bonds that run through my art work.

I use photography as my primary medium and often combine it with found objects, from baby shoes to screen doors and encaustic. Of great importance to me is the “female” and discovering the Latina experience: the continuity of life, loyalty and tradition passed from mother to daughter. I explore themes of love, but also deep loss, displacement and fear of separation.

In this particular exhibition "Shelter" the verb, I specifically explored the action to shelter, cover, protect, shield something that in return will offer shelter to us, coming full circle.
"Life is full circle, whatever you hold dear and offer shelter to, will in return offer shelter back to you".

With my art I hope to connect with the viewer, through the underlying emotion that inspired me to create the work hoping to bring it to a more universal level.

This work is on exhibit at the 22 Haviland St. Gallery, Norwalk, CT from March 9- April 1, 2007. Gallery tel. 203-852-6727.